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The Made Man


Who is bringing you this type of content on the internets? I’ll tell you who. Nobody, just the film of LIFE. As advocates of Stand Up culture we continue to RollDatDice

The year is 2018

The traditional made man has been made extinct due to masculinity being viewed as a negative trait. Society is now emasculated where nobody wants to take responsibility for anything, where there are no innovative men who take chances, take risks, with morals or live by a code.

They remain on display in various museums around America, where tour guides educate school kids and museum visitors on the history of the traditional made man.

The museum tour guide deals with the visitors questions…

Who was the traditional made man?

He was a man with good intentions and ambitions who understood he was imperfect – however he was proud of his imperfections as it made him human, he never seeked validation from anyone other than himself.

What did made men used to do for leisure? It seems as if more and more men are interested in the lives of other men instead of their own and spend most time posting photos on social network sites.

Well the activities were wide and varied. They mainly involved chasing women, smoking, drinking, generating income, hip hop, eating at big a$$ buffet lines, outta state trips, driving and many more. He frowned on seeking attention so as to keep an aura of mystery around him.

Was the traditional made man interested in health?

The traditional made man was able to control his vices, thus reducing chances of addiction and ill health. He indulged in vices to heighten an experience, rather than out of sorrow or to fit in He did this through maintaining a steady flow of water, fruit juices. and basic exercise. The gym was not a place to go when he was bored or to take photos in.

Was the traditional made man a family man?

Mostly yes. The traditional made man understood that although family can be a nuisance at times, they will always keep you grounded and remind you of who you really are. He often did not marry but solely for financial reasons rather than for moral reasons. He was absolutely forbidden from wifing women regarded as smuts, as this brought his name into disrepute. His name was his name.

What did the traditional man used to wear? Was he obsessed with appearance as many men are today? Thus mimicking the stereotypical traditional gender roles of women in society?

The traditional made man saw fashion as a way to adapt to his surroundings and environment. Tight clothing was forbidden as it indicated homosexuality. For the harsh terrain of the city he would wear footwear such as the Timberland boot for informal meetings before evolving to other formal footwear after Timbaland played itself out. He wore clothing with large pockets that enabled him to stash various items in. He was forbidden from ever having any hairstyle that may make him say “ I’m having a bad hair day” – a term associated with metrosexuals and females.

Was the traditional man emotional? Many men in present society care so much about what other people think of them and have public meltdowns.

He understood you must never fold under pressure. Even when angry, he hid his emotions as if he was taking part in a poker game.

The above was written by Harlem World (Curator of Roll Dat Dice

Action Bronson is Bad for Hip Hop

After watching’s interview with southern hip hop legend Scarface aka Face Mob aka one of the last guys to keep the wise guys code alive i couldn’t help but to applaud the man. Sitting there with a pineapple flavored Juicy Jay joint filled with loud dangling from my mouth, ash gracefully falling on to my shirt while nodding in and out of consciousness in between sips of 10 Cane Rum (My drink of choice for Vice Season) i smiled, nodded and emphatically co signed his statements.

For a long time i have shared his view on hip hop. To be blunt Hip Hop is becoming white. White people are doing what they do best, steal. Theft was invented by a white man. Don’t believe me? Look at the last 10,000 years of human history. Still don’t believe me? Fuck you go click the x button at the top right hand corner of your browser or the little red button if your on a Mac you little fuck. Now where was I? Oh yea, white people are stealing my culture.

Now take a guy like Action Bronson for example. If you consider yourself to be a hip hop fan you may say “Bronson he is dope he has bars”. To that i say fuck you and his bars he is not original. Not only is he not original he is a white boy in Hip Hop who completely hi jacked a legends style (Ghostface Killah) and is actually getting supported and promoted, this is beyond disgusting. In my opinion this is completely unacceptable. The mere fact a white boy can rape and pillage a bonafide hip hop legends style, voice, cadence etc and actually have a career because he is white is outrageous. In my humble opinion Wu Tang should catch this fat boy in an elevator and leave him there, but thats just me.

If Action Bronson was black he would have faded into irrelevancy like Angelous did, actually Angelous was never relevant but you get the point. However, because he is an obese white boy who clearly was a GFK stan and mimics his style to the T he is getting burn, disgusting, absolutely disgusting, repulsive even.

Whats more disgusting is that if it weren’t for the major hip hop blogs supporting Bronson he wouldn’t be where he is today. Not that he’s far, but you get my point. The very same blogs that put him in position, the majority if not all of them are black operated. Which means they give absolutely no fucks about the integrity of the culture. Hold on, why am i surprised? The Complex Network owns most of these blogs. The Complex Network is owned by Marc Ecko, a Jewish White boy. Now aint that a bitch.

* Big shout out to Scarface for being a vocal advocate of Stand Up culture as seen below.

RollDatDice – The Introduction

Here at the film of LIFE we like to pride ourselves on being preservers of what i like to call “Stand Up Culture”. In this microwave, microsoft world (Shout out to William Gates , you visible) rampant with those who play it safe. Those who are scared to dive head first, those who are scared to shoot scenes in the most captivating piece of cinema known to man your LIFE. We urge you to Roll Dat Dice.

With that being said i am proud to present a new weekly series here at the film of LIFE “Roll Dat Dice Wednesday” written by Harlem World curator of RollDatDice.

“Why do we gamble? What makes us roll dat dice, spin that wheel and risk it all on black? Is it  the allure of the glamour & glitz? The money? No, thats too simplistic a view. Human beings, we’re complex little bastards. People like myself we’re always thinking, plotting, sometimes I have to drink liquor just to switch my brain off for a second because we get tunnel vision when it comes to trying to reach our goals.

Some people are addicted to gambling even when they more or less broke! Why? Because it aint just about the money to them.It’s about trying to defy the odds, Producing a lot from a little, seeing that thought translate into an action, something tangible. It sets off the chemicals, dopamine in ya brain, its a powerful buzz.

Now i’m not tellin you to go out and spend your life savings at the dice game, casino or on online poker, never that. I’m just saying, people like me couldnt go to sleep at night knowing we never tried to get what we wanted. That conscience is a motherfucker sometimes. The British SAS soldiers have a motto that goes WHO DARES WINS. If you want something grow some nuts if you want to get it, no homo. Have a lil heart, stop being scared of failure, rejection.If you believe in something, then its not even a risk. Ali didnt win every fight he was in. Nobody is perfect, thats why i like my women imperfect.

I like women who like to indulge in a vice or two. I cant trust a squeaky clean female, who wants to throw that towel in when times get a little hard.

Bare in mind that your going to take losses, thats life, but once you reach your goal it will make it all worth it.

Ask mandela”

– Harlem World

Everybody is High

America is deeply emerged in consumerism. We make nothing but consume everything. The iPhone or Droid your using to read the film of LIFE was made abroad. The turn in your cup, whether it be Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere or whatever you choose chances are it was made elsewhere. The coke you and that cool chick did lines of last weekend was made abroad. The same goes for the chair your sitting in and the shoes your wearing.

The pharmaceutical industry, the fast food industry, the fashion industry, the soft drink industry has made all of us addicts. The Material girl gets a rush when she buys a new designer bag. The kid gets a rush when he drinks a 16oz Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Everybody is High.

Whether its strip clubs, cocaine, weed, esctacy, liquor, dorito tacos, espn, cheeseburgers, jimi johns, traveling, cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, making money, dogs, cats, birds, fish , writing , producing , playing an instrument or life itself Everybody is High from something.

In the film of LIFE dont judge your fellow man for turning up, dont judge your fellow man because of his vice intake. After all Everybody Is High. All focus should be on your film and your film only.

The Porsche 911

Not too much needs to be said. The Porsche 911 is a staple in Stand Up Culture.

This video is a must watch, it celebrates and pays homage to the preferred method of transportation by many Champions throughout the years.

“Cars just symbolize i’m doin something right” – Stack Bundles AKA C More Cake

Close your eyes for a moment, imagine yourself on an empty road, pedal to the floor, bad cool chick in the passenger, the wind whipping through her hair.

That can be your film, remember you are in control, you are the director, plan and shoot scenes accordingly.