Down 20



You are down 20

yes , you

im talkin to you

the person sitting there reading these words ive typed at around 2 am drunk , higher than a giraffe on stilts pussy , freshly returned home from indulging in multiple intoxicants.

im talkin to you

yes , you

first and foremost, if you are more concerned with the grammar than the message do me a favor kid will ya , exit this bitch and never return in your life.

Now as i was

You are down 20

20 i say

10 times 2


3rd quarter just started

what are you going to do?

That is how you should approach life day in and day out.

If you are reading this and are competent enough to recognize the gems and emeralds embedded in this shit then you are old and or wise enough to be in the 2nd half of life


This is the 2nd half of your life

and your down 20

how will you win the game?

Excuses will not win the game

bitching, moaning and complaining to the ref will not win the game

procrastinating wont do it

being scared to take a risk

that wont do it either

you are down 20 

3rd quarter just started

at half time you just thought about everything you cared for in life

they just in bounded the ball to YOU

clocks tickin

crowds waitin

you down 20

how will you win?



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