Fatigue is for Champions


Look at the clock, you see those series of numbers? That measurement of time? It waits for no one.

The two hands on the clock might as well be giving the world a middle finger because it gives no fucks about anyone.

The hours in a day are finite.

The days in a week, the weeks in a year, the years in your life are all finite.

But your ambition, your hunger for more should be infinite.

That is why exhaustion is necessary.

The recommended 8 hrs of sleep is bullshit. Show me a successful person who gets 8 hours of sleep everynight it simply doesnt happen.

U.S Military soldiers operate on 4 hours of sleep sometimes less doing much more grueling tasks than your daily routine.

Hold yourself to that standard.

Stop being soft, push yourself, the human body can optimally operate on much less than 8 hours of sleep.

Push yourself,  get uncomfortable.

Life is for living, not sleeping. Idle time can be gold when mined. The world continues to turn while you are inactive and in a state of slumber.

There is always a goal to work towards a task to accomplish and a mission to complete so save the “i dont have anything to do” bull shit will ya.

If your not exhausted your leaving some life on the table.

Fatigue is a by product of being a Champion.

Sleep should not be an activity you conciously wish to participate in but instead a mechanism your body imposes on you against your will.

Youve got a movie to shoot, that movie is your life and sleeping wont get it done.



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