Vice Season: A Primer

As the snow melts, the days grow longer and the women dress more revealing Vice Season is fast approaching.

The Summer Solstice is the official start of Vice Season. Yeah thats right the first day of summer, this should be treated as a ceremonial day, which means you should be as far away from sobrierty as possible. Set the bar high, The Opening Day of Vice Season should be filled with loud smoke , cool chicks and cold drinks.

Athough spring is the unofficial start, it is a great time to prepare your mind body & soul for hall of fame worthy nights and tylenol mornings.

The NFL Season is 16 Games

The NBA Season , 82 games

Vice Season is 90 Games , a short 3 months , therefore treat every single night like Game 7 of the Playoffs.

Championships are won in the off season that is why preparation is key and spring is a great time for last minute planning.

Flights should be booked, workouts doubled and cool out of town chicks should be notified you’ll be in their city or country.

Dont worry, your here at the film of LIFE which means your already ahead of the curve. In the coming weeks and months leading up to Vice Season your stand up author will give you plenty of gems and jewelry to make this season your most succesful yet.



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