Savor The Tangible

When physical mediums of art become nostalgic you have either entered into a young world or have aged in an old one.

A needle when placed on vinyl produces a raspy, warm and lush sound that can not be duplicated by pressing “play” on an iPod.

Staring at an illuminated screen scrolling through paragraph after paragraph can not duplicate the feeling of suspense experienced when turning to the next page of a book.

Seeing the beautiful picture of a random girl online whether it be facebook, instagram, twitter or a dating site and sending them a message or “DM” can not duplicate the experience, required confidence and finesse it takes to cold approach a chick on the street.

Social Media is slowly replacing face to face interaction. The next time you are in a bar/restaurant take a look around. Notice how many people have their head down punching away at the touchscreen of their smartphone. You may be one of them, I challenge you to break out of that.

We are rapidly moving into the “cloud”, environmental irresponsibility coupled with technological advancement and convenience is killing the physical medium. In the film of life change will be rampant, evolution is necessary and although it is important to adapt and stay current don’t forget to Savor The Tangible.



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