Vice Season: Liquor & Weed

In the beginning god made heaven and earth, what they leave out of history is that shortly after he put the finishing touches on this beautiful planet full of women , vices , strip clubs , great food , great cigars ,exceptional drugs, bisexual brauds , bright lights and big citys god made Liquor & Weed two of the most essential Vice Season items.

Now if you dont smoke , thats good for you , actually its not , it kind of sucks. Let me be clear, it doesn’t KIND of suck , your missing out on a piece of life, your leaving some life on the table. While shooting scenes in your film leave no life on the table.

When that screen fades to black and those credits get the rollin the last thing you want to do is say “Damn , i wish i would of hit that L , or joint or bong or bowl ” or whatever method you use to indulge in the smoothest of vices, the smoothest of them all.

Now bare with me , if your a grammar cop kindly click that x in the top right hand corner of your window , thats the red button if your on a mac you little fuck. It is currently 5:30 PM and i am turning , for the square boxes , the lames , the less than humaine turning is more than just drinking, turning is more than just getting drunk.

The world turns on its axis, therefore turning is being one with the world.

Planets in the universe turn on an axis therefore turning is being one with the universe.

Get in touch with your inner world,your inner universe.

Life is for living, while shooting scenes in your film, take time to turn.



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