The Classic

Fads, trends, their here then gone, their “hot” then forgotten. Although the immediate gives birth to the long term it is a waste of time to dwell on the short lived.

Stay current, not trendy. In the scheme of it all the shoes worn are outshined by the walk. The only trend that should be focused on is a trend of quality a trend of consistency a trend of perseverance.

The classic can never fall way side to the new. A 1970 Porshe 911S like the one shown above will match if not surpass the notoriety and praise of the newest model. The Classic has earned its recognition, it has not only conquered the moment but exceeded it.

In the film of life concern yourself not with the wave at the time but moreso, your wave overtime. To be timeless is to out run the race itself. To be timeless is to be classic.



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