The Resistance Rule

With enough scoops a dull spoon can carve through ice. The effort required to reach new heights, clear taller hurdles and conquer bigger mountains should be bottled then consumed when met with resistance. However, in order to bottle that effort, first you must make that effort.

The Resistance Rule is simple, for any obstacle you deem worthy whether it be a goal, task, or lifestyle change exert the required effort to be successful for a minimum of 30 days.

Although in the scheme of it all thirty days may seem insignificant. It will provide you with an adequate amount of time to wrestle with the resistance before you. It will serve as a frame of reference, a recollection point. It will allow you to know what sustaining success feels like for a period of time.

The Stand Up Individual will use the first thirty days and ride that wave using its momentum to spark a prolonged chain of victories. On the thirty first day if you have concerns about your ability to complete a task or goal the effort put forth will present you with a clear and accurate picture of what it takes.

In the film of LIFE persistence beats resistance. Eagerly attack obstacles and stay the course regardless of what distractions come your way.



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