Keep It Thoro

It is easy to live by no code, no standard. It is easy to be volatile with your morals, with your principles. However staying true to self, staying strong while shooting scenes in a world that is becoming more weak and soft by the minute, that is difficult.

In the realm of business, the corporate realm, it is more convienent to go against your personal ethos in seek of profit than to be Stand Up and turn down a check or position in effort to preserve your integrity.

On the street, it is more convienent to disregard any and all code when sitting in an interrogation room facing jail time. To be Stand up and not roll or rat with your freedom on the line, that is difficult.

Are you a man?

or a mouse?

Mice will do anything to survive. Man however, has the luxury of dictating its terms of survival.

Are you a man?

or a mouse?

Now more than anytime in history you see people compromising their personal beliefs to be “politically correct” or viewed in a favorable manner, personally, it is repulsive, the shit turns my stomach.

The true Champion wins on his terms, compromising for the benefit of the team does not equate to compromising your integrity. Regardless of your religion, spirtuality or personal life philosphy the guiding light in your journey should be honor, integrity & respect.

Honor, integrity, respect, these are just a few attributes of The Stand Up Individual.

The world is ever changing you will be bombarbed with challenges. You will be tempted to stray away from what you feel is important. In the film of LIFE you owe it not only to yourself but to those you deal with on a daily basis to be Stand Up.

In the film of LIFE i urge you to Keep It Thoro.



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