Round Table Meetings

“We held round table meetings so we could go and discuss, not only money but all the emotion going through us.”

Dialogue is an art mastered by the greatest men in history. Every major action is first discussed and contemplated behind closed doors where drinks flow with ease and ideas are freely exchanged. The Round Table has facilitated some of the most important moments of all time. More than any other gathering point The Round Table demands a certain level of respect, a certain level of trust, not just anybody can attend, seats are limited and those seats should only be filled by The Stand Up, those seats, they should only be filled with guys you trust, guys you know that can be held to their word no matter what.

In the film of LIFE, it is important to consult your close friends, your close family, your close advisers. Because you are involved in all of the intricate details with shooting scenes, views from the outside should be carefully considered. A thin line rests between not following your intuition and getting advice. The wise man keeps wise men around him, the people you know in your life that would ask you for advice, those are the ones who should have a seat at your round table. Why? Those are the ones who have your best interest in mind. It would be foolish to expect a person who doesn’t value your perspective enough to ask you for it to sincerely want you to succeed. An even then, it should be analyzed before applied.

In business, your seat at the table dictates your worth. Observe, watch, listen , in business the best interest for everyone is the bottom line, the profit, however human emotion often slows the pursuit of the dollar. In the realm of business , tread lightly at The Round Table. Some will be offended by your prowess and savvy, others will wish to cling to it and ride your wave to the success.

In the film of LIFE , Master The Meeting , Rule The Round Table.



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