Season 1 Finale

The year is 2013 and in American Society the Alpha male is an endangered species. This does not surprise me, in a culture that coddles the soft, timid and beta the Alpha poses a threat.

There are many misconceptions about the term “Alpha Male” that your stand up author will attempt to clear up. First and foremost being an Alpha Male has nothing to do with chauvinism. Being an Alpha Male simply means celebrating and embracing manhood, your gender role of being a man and not compromising your integrity while doing so. Being an Alpha means calling shots and quarterbacking your life in every way possible.

There was a time in this country when Alpha Males were the majority. There was a time in this country when you would automatically assume a man was Alpha simply because that was the normal behavior of men. They fulfilled their gender role as a man and stood tall through any and all adversity while keeping their integrity intact. Those days are long gone.What do we got now? I’ll tell you what we got now. We got a country that promotes being soft, a country that promotes the ultra sensitive male.In the boardroom the Alpha male still dominates, however outside of business, in everyday life and society the Alpha Male is seen as a threat. A threat that must be suppressed and silenced.

The Average American Woman in this ultra sensitive society seeks the beta male. They prefer the beta male over the alpha. The beta male will receive instruction from his woman rather than give. The beta male will allow the female to lead the way in all situations unless he is given permission to call plays. Women see the Alpha male and while they may be more physically attracted to him for survival purposes like choosing a mate that can protect the home etc. She is intimidated by his aura. Emotionally women feel more secure with a beta male because beta males are dependent on the woman in the relationship, Alpha’s are not.Mainstream Media has provided more than enough propaganda to slander the perception and reputation of the Alpha male. The beta male is shown to be more loving and compassionate than its Alpha counterpart. The Alpha is shown to be condescending, brash and cold hearted. This coupled with the feminist movement has ushered in the era of the uber soft androgynous man.

In the film of LIFE. Stand Tall, do not fall victim to the softening of America. Run the point, quarterback your situation, call plays, shoot scenes, preserve your integrity at all costs. Be Alpha.

Season II begins Monday, May 20th… Stay Tuned



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