Everybody is High

America is deeply emerged in consumerism. We make nothing but consume everything. The iPhone or Droid your using to read the film of LIFE was made abroad. The turn in your cup, whether it be Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere or whatever you choose chances are it was made elsewhere. The coke you and that cool chick did lines of last weekend was made abroad. The same goes for the chair your sitting in and the shoes your wearing.

The pharmaceutical industry, the fast food industry, the fashion industry, the soft drink industry has made all of us addicts. The Material girl gets a rush when she buys a new designer bag. The kid gets a rush when he drinks a 16oz Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Everybody is High.

Whether its strip clubs, cocaine, weed, esctacy, liquor, dorito tacos, espn, cheeseburgers, jimi johns, traveling, cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, making money, dogs, cats, birds, fish , writing , producing , playing an instrument or life itself Everybody is High from something.

In the film of LIFE dont judge your fellow man for turning up, dont judge your fellow man because of his vice intake. After all Everybody Is High. All focus should be on your film and your film only.



  1. HarlemWorld

    Interesting. Liberalism is anything goes, to a certain extent So in a liberal society almost everything will be done in excess.

    1 in 10 Americans are on anti-depressants. So that’s at least 30 million drug addicts. Then add that to the 12 million alcoholics in this nation. Even George W Bush was a former alcoholic who got put in the White House twice. 75% of adults are overweight.

    America is the land of hedonism. We have cities built where we can go solely to indulge in vice. Las Vegas for example.

    Where is the balance from the come down? Can you really do something in moderation if it makes you real happy doing it?

    On a side note, women who drink Hennessy deserve some type of medal or award.

    Keep going with the blogs, its great stuff.

    • Trill Clinton

      Word, it takes a certain individual to moderate their vice in take. A certain level of self discipline needs to be there.

      I remember watching the art of rap documentary. Run from Run DMC was saying how when your at the top anything you want is a phone call away bitches…drugs whatever you want.

      Those at the top who indulge in vices but arent drugged out deserve a lot of respect. They can have anything they want but they balance it, easier said than done though

    • Trill Clinton

      Are you kiddin me or what!????

      Allen Iverson >> Any Knick EVER

      Doctor J >> Any knick EVER

      Charles Barkley >> Any knick EVER

      Sixers 2 rings

      Knicks 1 ring

      cut it out


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