Action Bronson is Bad for Hip Hop

After watching’s interview with southern hip hop legend Scarface aka Face Mob aka one of the last guys to keep the wise guys code alive i couldn’t help but to applaud the man. Sitting there with a pineapple flavored Juicy Jay joint filled with loud dangling from my mouth, ash gracefully falling on to my shirt while nodding in and out of consciousness in between sips of 10 Cane Rum (My drink of choice for Vice Season) i smiled, nodded and emphatically co signed his statements.

For a long time i have shared his view on hip hop. To be blunt Hip Hop is becoming white. White people are doing what they do best, steal. Theft was invented by a white man. Don’t believe me? Look at the last 10,000 years of human history. Still don’t believe me? Fuck you go click the x button at the top right hand corner of your browser or the little red button if your on a Mac you little fuck. Now where was I? Oh yea, white people are stealing my culture.

Now take a guy like Action Bronson for example. If you consider yourself to be a hip hop fan you may say “Bronson he is dope he has bars”. To that i say fuck you and his bars he is not original. Not only is he not original he is a white boy in Hip Hop who completely hi jacked a legends style (Ghostface Killah) and is actually getting supported and promoted, this is beyond disgusting. In my opinion this is completely unacceptable. The mere fact a white boy can rape and pillage a bonafide hip hop legends style, voice, cadence etc and actually have a career because he is white is outrageous. In my humble opinion Wu Tang should catch this fat boy in an elevator and leave him there, but thats just me.

If Action Bronson was black he would have faded into irrelevancy like Angelous did, actually Angelous was never relevant but you get the point. However, because he is an obese white boy who clearly was a GFK stan and mimics his style to the T he is getting burn, disgusting, absolutely disgusting, repulsive even.

Whats more disgusting is that if it weren’t for the major hip hop blogs supporting Bronson he wouldn’t be where he is today. Not that he’s far, but you get my point. The very same blogs that put him in position, the majority if not all of them are black operated. Which means they give absolutely no fucks about the integrity of the culture. Hold on, why am i surprised? The Complex Network owns most of these blogs. The Complex Network is owned by Marc Ecko, a Jewish White boy. Now aint that a bitch.

* Big shout out to Scarface for being a vocal advocate of Stand Up culture as seen below.



  1. Bwst85

    I share the same sentiments. I hope Action Bronson chokes to death on a burrito that fat unorignal fuck, keep up the good work T.C.

  2. HarlemWorld

    Totally agree with your view on if he was black his career would be over before it started.

    As had happened to Bathgate, Ali Vegas, and so many more soundalikes of the hip hop communities favorites.

    Blacks welcome everybody but their own people into their own culture! It’s bizzare.

    One of the problems in my opinion, is that the hip hop fan is as you say “not stand up”. The hip hop fan suffers from amnesia whenever it suits them. I have not forgot how Ghostface & Raekwon went at Biggie for allegedly imitating Nas Illmatic cover on Ready To Die.

    And what’s even funnier to me is that now that he’s got his fat foot in the door, he’s breaking less & lees bread with any of his black peers! Mixtapes with Statik Selektah, next project entirely produced by Harry Fraud. Collabs with Mike Posner, Riff Raff, it’s just the beginning.

  3. FuckRacistBlacks

    You’re a racist bitch, plain and simple. Action may sound sort of like like ghost but maybe thats because theyre both from New York? hmm did you ever stop to think that people from new york may have a similar accent? Just like every southern black rapper sounds exactly the same (ie. uneducated and slow) Youre ignorant as fuck and probably think that wack ass dudes like drake are good for the game because theyre black. I’m sick of reverse racism being so accepted in America today, youre post is all white boy this jewish white boy that youre racist as fuck. Fuck you. Hip hop isnt for black people only, thats like saying hendrix was bad for rock because he was black and playing guitar like a white man but nobody has that sentiment. And as far as his originality you must not actually listen to bronson because nobody raps about the off the wall shit that action does and nobody goes in on beats like his. So why dont you take you “loud juicy jay pineapple joints” light them and shove them up your black ass you ignorant racist motherfucking piece of shit.

    • Trill Clinton

      Get out my culture white bread. Save your long paragraphs for your facebook wall, the fact of the matter is this. Hip Hop will always be black culture, white people have been fascinated with the black man since time immemorial. Much like your white mother is fascinated with miley cyrus twerking. Much like you are fascinated by the words on this site. The only thing white people invented was theft. Facts are facts Action Bronson is an obese jew obsessed and intrigued with the black man to such an extent that he ditched his white privilège to literally mimick and mock GFKs style. Stop being sensitive do some push ups faggot. And oh yea Rock music again originated as BLACK culture Hendrix can do whatever the fuck he wants rock is black music. Save the reverse racism bitching and moaning for someone who cares about your white ass

    • YoMTVCraps

      U rite u rite

      “Never argue with fools, the onlooker won’t be able to tell the difference.”
      – da nigga mark twain

      Thank god Twain has the same skin color as me so I’m allowed to enjoy his creativity and work. This quote applies because the nature of this conversation is so idiotic, it makes everyone dumber to have to stoop to this archaic level just to communicate.

  4. Me

    You need to stop focus about people’s ethnicity, starts to sound disturbing, and a little racist to be honest. I mean you watch movies from white industry, wear clothes by white creators, use white technology, so what’s the point with white people using hip hop codes, ain’t nothing wrong with the sharing between cultures, it’s the first step to unity
    Anyway Bronson is dope, as bars and is original as fuck, ain’t nothing to do with his color skin and shit
    Oh and you talk like you know shit but you seem to have nothing left to do than hating on rappers and white people behind your computer, what a life it should be lol, get yourself usefull you lame

  5. Scoobyfkindoo

    Wow, just stumbled upon this article completely at random (I’m not even a fan of AB for starters). But god all mighty you really aren’t helping the cause here. If I was of the same level of paranoia as yourself I’d be tempted into thinking this article was written by a racist white man trying to make black people look stupid. Hopefully AB will take note though regardless and put in a little bit more practise so that one day he can reach the dizzying hights of far-out genius such as Gucci Mane, Kanye West and Waka Flocka Flame.


    • Scoobyfkindoo

      Oops. From reading the comments I’ve just realised I’ve potentially got into an argument with someone who thinks telling someone to “do push-ups” and calling them a “faggot” is a constructive response. And yes of course white people obsessed by “the black man”, though most likely for giggles more than anything else. I could think of a few “honkeys” that would find this article hilarious.

      I’m black by the way. Stop showing us all up.

      #Step away from the bigots

  6. Paola

    You are a complete retard? First of all, this is completely racist. Secondly, this has nothing to do with music and hip hop at all. You’re clearly sub/consciously pissed off that a fat white boy is a better rapper than most black rappers. Eminem, undoubtably the best rapper of our generation, is a white boy who can shit on everyone else on the scene. You mad bro? Culture? Do you think people back in Africa go about with their pants down to their knees and baggy shirts rapping about pussy, money and weed? Culture? You don’t know fucking culture so don’t fucking preach about it.


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