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Everybody is High

America is deeply emerged in consumerism. We make nothing but consume everything. The iPhone or Droid your using to read the film of LIFE was made abroad. The turn in your cup, whether it be Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere or whatever you choose chances are it was made elsewhere. The coke you and that cool chick did lines of last weekend was made abroad. The same goes for the chair your sitting in and the shoes your wearing.

The pharmaceutical industry, the fast food industry, the fashion industry, the soft drink industry has made all of us addicts. The Material girl gets a rush when she buys a new designer bag. The kid gets a rush when he drinks a 16oz Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Everybody is High.

Whether its strip clubs, cocaine, weed, esctacy, liquor, dorito tacos, espn, cheeseburgers, jimi johns, traveling, cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, making money, dogs, cats, birds, fish , writing , producing , playing an instrument or life itself Everybody is High from something.

In the film of LIFE dont judge your fellow man for turning up, dont judge your fellow man because of his vice intake. After all Everybody Is High. All focus should be on your film and your film only.


Keep It Thoro

It is easy to live by no code, no standard. It is easy to be volatile with your morals, with your principles. However staying true to self, staying strong while shooting scenes in a world that is becoming more weak and soft by the minute, that is difficult.

In the realm of business, the corporate realm, it is more convienent to go against your personal ethos in seek of profit than to be Stand Up and turn down a check or position in effort to preserve your integrity.

On the street, it is more convienent to disregard any and all code when sitting in an interrogation room facing jail time. To be Stand up and not roll or rat with your freedom on the line, that is difficult.

Are you a man?

or a mouse?

Mice will do anything to survive. Man however, has the luxury of dictating its terms of survival.

Are you a man?

or a mouse?

Now more than anytime in history you see people compromising their personal beliefs to be “politically correct” or viewed in a favorable manner, personally, it is repulsive, the shit turns my stomach.

The true Champion wins on his terms, compromising for the benefit of the team does not equate to compromising your integrity. Regardless of your religion, spirtuality or personal life philosphy the guiding light in your journey should be honor, integrity & respect.

Honor, integrity, respect, these are just a few attributes of The Stand Up Individual.

The world is ever changing you will be bombarbed with challenges. You will be tempted to stray away from what you feel is important. In the film of LIFE you owe it not only to yourself but to those you deal with on a daily basis to be Stand Up.

In the film of LIFE i urge you to Keep It Thoro.

The Resistance Rule

With enough scoops a dull spoon can carve through ice. The effort required to reach new heights, clear taller hurdles and conquer bigger mountains should be bottled then consumed when met with resistance. However, in order to bottle that effort, first you must make that effort.

The Resistance Rule is simple, for any obstacle you deem worthy whether it be a goal, task, or lifestyle change exert the required effort to be successful for a minimum of 30 days.

Although in the scheme of it all thirty days may seem insignificant. It will provide you with an adequate amount of time to wrestle with the resistance before you. It will serve as a frame of reference, a recollection point. It will allow you to know what sustaining success feels like for a period of time.

The Stand Up Individual will use the first thirty days and ride that wave using its momentum to spark a prolonged chain of victories. On the thirty first day if you have concerns about your ability to complete a task or goal the effort put forth will present you with a clear and accurate picture of what it takes.

In the film of LIFE persistence beats resistance. Eagerly attack obstacles and stay the course regardless of what distractions come your way.

Vice Season: A Primer

As the snow melts, the days grow longer and the women dress more revealing Vice Season is fast approaching.

The Summer Solstice is the official start of Vice Season. Yeah thats right the first day of summer, this should be treated as a ceremonial day, which means you should be as far away from sobrierty as possible. Set the bar high, The Opening Day of Vice Season should be filled with loud smoke , cool chicks and cold drinks.

Athough spring is the unofficial start, it is a great time to prepare your mind body & soul for hall of fame worthy nights and tylenol mornings.

The NFL Season is 16 Games

The NBA Season , 82 games

Vice Season is 90 Games , a short 3 months , therefore treat every single night like Game 7 of the Playoffs.

Championships are won in the off season that is why preparation is key and spring is a great time for last minute planning.

Flights should be booked, workouts doubled and cool out of town chicks should be notified you’ll be in their city or country.

Dont worry, your here at the film of LIFE which means your already ahead of the curve. In the coming weeks and months leading up to Vice Season your stand up author will give you plenty of gems and jewelry to make this season your most succesful yet.

Down 20



You are down 20

yes , you

im talkin to you

the person sitting there reading these words ive typed at around 2 am drunk , higher than a giraffe on stilts pussy , freshly returned home from indulging in multiple intoxicants.

im talkin to you

yes , you

first and foremost, if you are more concerned with the grammar than the message do me a favor kid will ya , exit this bitch and never return in your life.

Now as i was

You are down 20

20 i say

10 times 2


3rd quarter just started

what are you going to do?

That is how you should approach life day in and day out.

If you are reading this and are competent enough to recognize the gems and emeralds embedded in this shit then you are old and or wise enough to be in the 2nd half of life


This is the 2nd half of your life

and your down 20

how will you win the game?

Excuses will not win the game

bitching, moaning and complaining to the ref will not win the game

procrastinating wont do it

being scared to take a risk

that wont do it either

you are down 20 

3rd quarter just started

at half time you just thought about everything you cared for in life

they just in bounded the ball to YOU

clocks tickin

crowds waitin

you down 20

how will you win?