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Everybody is High

America is deeply emerged in consumerism. We make nothing but consume everything. The iPhone or Droid your using to read the film of LIFE was made abroad. The turn in your cup, whether it be Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere or whatever you choose chances are it was made elsewhere. The coke you and that cool chick did lines of last weekend was made abroad. The same goes for the chair your sitting in and the shoes your wearing.

The pharmaceutical industry, the fast food industry, the fashion industry, the soft drink industry has made all of us addicts. The Material girl gets a rush when she buys a new designer bag. The kid gets a rush when he drinks a 16oz Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Everybody is High.

Whether its strip clubs, cocaine, weed, esctacy, liquor, dorito tacos, espn, cheeseburgers, jimi johns, traveling, cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, making money, dogs, cats, birds, fish , writing , producing , playing an instrument or life itself Everybody is High from something.

In the film of LIFE dont judge your fellow man for turning up, dont judge your fellow man because of his vice intake. After all Everybody Is High. All focus should be on your film and your film only.


Round Table Meetings

“We held round table meetings so we could go and discuss, not only money but all the emotion going through us.”

Dialogue is an art mastered by the greatest men in history. Every major action is first discussed and contemplated behind closed doors where drinks flow with ease and ideas are freely exchanged. The Round Table has facilitated some of the most important moments of all time. More than any other gathering point The Round Table demands a certain level of respect, a certain level of trust, not just anybody can attend, seats are limited and those seats should only be filled by The Stand Up, those seats, they should only be filled with guys you trust, guys you know that can be held to their word no matter what.

In the film of LIFE, it is important to consult your close friends, your close family, your close advisers. Because you are involved in all of the intricate details with shooting scenes, views from the outside should be carefully considered. A thin line rests between not following your intuition and getting advice. The wise man keeps wise men around him, the people you know in your life that would ask you for advice, those are the ones who should have a seat at your round table. Why? Those are the ones who have your best interest in mind. It would be foolish to expect a person who doesn’t value your perspective enough to ask you for it to sincerely want you to succeed. An even then, it should be analyzed before applied.

In business, your seat at the table dictates your worth. Observe, watch, listen , in business the best interest for everyone is the bottom line, the profit, however human emotion often slows the pursuit of the dollar. In the realm of business , tread lightly at The Round Table. Some will be offended by your prowess and savvy, others will wish to cling to it and ride your wave to the success.

In the film of LIFE , Master The Meeting , Rule The Round Table.

The Muscle Called Discipline

The atom of achievement, the fuel of focus , the prerequisite to success. Discipline is an attribute of the champion however just as building strength requires consistent excercise, developing discipline requires the same.

Patience is a reward of excercising the muscle called discipline.

While shooting scenes in your film everything may not transpire according to plan. You must be discipline in your approach and methods that have proven to work in the past.

Clean Hands

A clear conscious is an attribute of The Stand Up Guy. Life is for living, not second guessing your actions , not being worried if you’ll be on the receiving end of karma, life is for living.

Those who live with no principles nor values should not be cast in your film. Scenes must only be shot with those you trust can hold their own. This means challenging you to perform at a high level while maintaining the status quo you have set for you life.

No bread should be broken with those who would rather hand you a plate of salmon instead of rod & bait.

Those who are equipped with sub par tools should not be valued as an asset when building anything worthwhile , anything that will stand the test of time.

Clean your hands of negative energy, it is contagious.

Savor The Tangible

When physical mediums of art become nostalgic you have either entered into a young world or have aged in an old one.

A needle when placed on vinyl produces a raspy, warm and lush sound that can not be duplicated by pressing “play” on an iPod.

Staring at an illuminated screen scrolling through paragraph after paragraph can not duplicate the feeling of suspense experienced when turning to the next page of a book.

Seeing the beautiful picture of a random girl online whether it be facebook, instagram, twitter or a dating site and sending them a message or “DM” can not duplicate the experience, required confidence and finesse it takes to cold approach a chick on the street.

Social Media is slowly replacing face to face interaction. The next time you are in a bar/restaurant take a look around. Notice how many people have their head down punching away at the touchscreen of their smartphone. You may be one of them, I challenge you to break out of that.

We are rapidly moving into the “cloud”, environmental irresponsibility coupled with technological advancement and convenience is killing the physical medium. In the film of life change will be rampant, evolution is necessary and although it is important to adapt and stay current don’t forget to Savor The Tangible.

The 5 Step Guide to Smoking In A Hotel Room


How to smoke in a hotel room? First and foremost let me say that i am all for safe guarding the general public from D ‘ Evils of 2nd hand smoke and all of that cool good samaritan protecting the environment shit. But be clear , in today’s society their has been a crusade against smoking , is that crusade a good thing? Well yeah , but when i open the door of a hotel room and immediately in-vision the inevitable , you know me and a braud relaxed on the bed , indulging in various vices after going more rounds than the Thrilla In Manilla . The absolute LAST thing on my mind is obeying a rule that prohibits me from sparking the loud.

Now whatever your vice is be it cigarettes , cigars , or weed The 5 Step Guide to Smoking In A Hotel Room will come in handy as you travel the world and shoot scenes in your movie of life. This guide is the best of its kind , don’t believe me , go google a guide to smoking in a hotel room and see what you get. Are you really gonna listen to those little fucks at e-how? You think they indulge in vices? Are you kiddin me or what!? Now lets get into it.

1. Evaluate The Room

First evaluate the room, if your really stand up and proactive you have already done the proper reconnaissance on the room , number of windows in the room , floor it will be on , balcony access etc. Scope out the ceiling of the room see where all the smoke detectors are , inspect the bathroom , does it have a walk in shower? This is all basic shit you will take notice of when you first check in and enter your room, be aware of your surroundings.

2. Have Ozium

Ozium is absolutely essential to successfully smoking in a hotel room and not getting kicked the fuck out. Excuse my french , curse words not your thing? Kindly click that fuckin x at the top right hand corner of the window , if your on a Mac that’s the red button ya little fuck go read some soft shit like Esquire or GQ. Now where was I? Oh yeah , have Ozium.

If your smoking that loud , that neighbors knock on your door and ask you to turn it down. That power , im talkin about diesel jet engine fuel your gonna need Ozium. Your stand up author recommends the large can , original scent , the quantity needed depends on the amount of vice your partaking in , ill let you decide on that. Febreeze wont do it , incense wont do it , candles wont do it , Lysol wont fuckin do it Ozium i said,  get yourself some Ozium.

3. Ice Cold Water Towel

I assume your already aware of this , this is the obvious elementary fundamental step so i wont elaborate on it to much. The most important thing about the Ice Cold Water Towel is that it is firmly and neatly tucked under the main door of the room. Now focus , because 9 times outta 10 when your applying the Ice Cold Water Towel your gonna be drunk , so make sure the towel isn’t jammed under the door in a fashion that it can be scene from the outside hallway. You dont want any square boxes seeing a towel sticking from under the door and snitching on you to the front desk do you? I thought so , now , after it is neatly and firmly tucked under the door and no air is flowing from the inside of the room place a dry towel on top of it.

4. Smoke

Obviously you cant smoke in a hotel room without smoking , but dont be a square box , a lame , a lesser human being, first and foremost when smoking in a hotel room understand what you are doing, understand the situation. Be alert not paranoid , enjoy your smoke , you earned it. Hopefully your smoking with some cool chicks.

* Extended Step: If you want to be extra cautious , steam the bathroom by running hot water from the shower , apply the Ice Cold Water Towel on the main door of the room and the bathroom door and smoke in the bathroom.

5. The Spray Down & Tip

Open all windows in the hotel room, i doubt you will be able to fully open them so crack them as wide as you can , air the room out , while all the windows are cracked as much as possible walk around the room spraying the Ozium in the air. Stop for about 5 minutes and do it again , chill , take some shots , go a round with your braud and spray again. It is important to remember before checking out to leave a generous tip, you may do this anyway, but just incase the maid has a good nose or is a champion herself the extra generous tip may keep her fuckin mouth shut.

There you have it, The 5 Step Guide to Smoking In A Hotel Room.

Your all welcome.