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The Made Man


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The year is 2018

The traditional made man has been made extinct due to masculinity being viewed as a negative trait. Society is now emasculated where nobody wants to take responsibility for anything, where there are no innovative men who take chances, take risks, with morals or live by a code.

They remain on display in various museums around America, where tour guides educate school kids and museum visitors on the history of the traditional made man.

The museum tour guide deals with the visitors questions…

Who was the traditional made man?

He was a man with good intentions and ambitions who understood he was imperfect – however he was proud of his imperfections as it made him human, he never seeked validation from anyone other than himself.

What did made men used to do for leisure? It seems as if more and more men are interested in the lives of other men instead of their own and spend most time posting photos on social network sites.

Well the activities were wide and varied. They mainly involved chasing women, smoking, drinking, generating income, hip hop, eating at big a$$ buffet lines, outta state trips, driving and many more. He frowned on seeking attention so as to keep an aura of mystery around him.

Was the traditional made man interested in health?

The traditional made man was able to control his vices, thus reducing chances of addiction and ill health. He indulged in vices to heighten an experience, rather than out of sorrow or to fit in He did this through maintaining a steady flow of water, fruit juices. and basic exercise. The gym was not a place to go when he was bored or to take photos in.

Was the traditional made man a family man?

Mostly yes. The traditional made man understood that although family can be a nuisance at times, they will always keep you grounded and remind you of who you really are. He often did not marry but solely for financial reasons rather than for moral reasons. He was absolutely forbidden from wifing women regarded as smuts, as this brought his name into disrepute. His name was his name.

What did the traditional man used to wear? Was he obsessed with appearance as many men are today? Thus mimicking the stereotypical traditional gender roles of women in society?

The traditional made man saw fashion as a way to adapt to his surroundings and environment. Tight clothing was forbidden as it indicated homosexuality. For the harsh terrain of the city he would wear footwear such as the Timberland boot for informal meetings before evolving to other formal footwear after Timbaland played itself out. He wore clothing with large pockets that enabled him to stash various items in. He was forbidden from ever having any hairstyle that may make him say “ I’m having a bad hair day” – a term associated with metrosexuals and females.

Was the traditional man emotional? Many men in present society care so much about what other people think of them and have public meltdowns.

He understood you must never fold under pressure. Even when angry, he hid his emotions as if he was taking part in a poker game.

The above was written by Harlem World (Curator of Roll Dat Dice