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RollDatDice – The Introduction

Here at the film of LIFE we like to pride ourselves on being preservers of what i like to call “Stand Up Culture”. In this microwave, microsoft world (Shout out to William Gates , you visible) rampant with those who play it safe. Those who are scared to dive head first, those who are scared to shoot scenes in the most captivating piece of cinema known to man your LIFE. We urge you to Roll Dat Dice.

With that being said i am proud to present a new weekly series here at the film of LIFE “Roll Dat Dice Wednesday” written by Harlem World curator of RollDatDice.

“Why do we gamble? What makes us roll dat dice, spin that wheel and risk it all on black? Is it  the allure of the glamour & glitz? The money? No, thats too simplistic a view. Human beings, we’re complex little bastards. People like myself we’re always thinking, plotting, sometimes I have to drink liquor just to switch my brain off for a second because we get tunnel vision when it comes to trying to reach our goals.

Some people are addicted to gambling even when they more or less broke! Why? Because it aint just about the money to them.It’s about trying to defy the odds, Producing a lot from a little, seeing that thought translate into an action, something tangible. It sets off the chemicals, dopamine in ya brain, its a powerful buzz.

Now i’m not tellin you to go out and spend your life savings at the dice game, casino or on online poker, never that. I’m just saying, people like me couldnt go to sleep at night knowing we never tried to get what we wanted. That conscience is a motherfucker sometimes. The British SAS soldiers have a motto that goes WHO DARES WINS. If you want something grow some nuts if you want to get it, no homo. Have a lil heart, stop being scared of failure, rejection.If you believe in something, then its not even a risk. Ali didnt win every fight he was in. Nobody is perfect, thats why i like my women imperfect.

I like women who like to indulge in a vice or two. I cant trust a squeaky clean female, who wants to throw that towel in when times get a little hard.

Bare in mind that your going to take losses, thats life, but once you reach your goal it will make it all worth it.

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– Harlem World