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Everybody is High

America is deeply emerged in consumerism. We make nothing but consume everything. The iPhone or Droid your using to read the film of LIFE was made abroad. The turn in your cup, whether it be Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere or whatever you choose chances are it was made elsewhere. The coke you and that cool chick did lines of last weekend was made abroad. The same goes for the chair your sitting in and the shoes your wearing.

The pharmaceutical industry, the fast food industry, the fashion industry, the soft drink industry has made all of us addicts. The Material girl gets a rush when she buys a new designer bag. The kid gets a rush when he drinks a 16oz Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Everybody is High.

Whether its strip clubs, cocaine, weed, esctacy, liquor, dorito tacos, espn, cheeseburgers, jimi johns, traveling, cashmere sweaters, argyle socks, making money, dogs, cats, birds, fish , writing , producing , playing an instrument or life itself Everybody is High from something.

In the film of LIFE dont judge your fellow man for turning up, dont judge your fellow man because of his vice intake. After all Everybody Is High. All focus should be on your film and your film only.


Vice Season: Liquor & Weed

In the beginning god made heaven and earth, what they leave out of history is that shortly after he put the finishing touches on this beautiful planet full of women , vices , strip clubs , great food , great cigars ,exceptional drugs, bisexual brauds , bright lights and big citys god made Liquor & Weed two of the most essential Vice Season items.

Now if you dont smoke , thats good for you , actually its not , it kind of sucks. Let me be clear, it doesn’t KIND of suck , your missing out on a piece of life, your leaving some life on the table. While shooting scenes in your film leave no life on the table.

When that screen fades to black and those credits get the rollin the last thing you want to do is say “Damn , i wish i would of hit that L , or joint or bong or bowl ” or whatever method you use to indulge in the smoothest of vices, the smoothest of them all.

Now bare with me , if your a grammar cop kindly click that x in the top right hand corner of your window , thats the red button if your on a mac you little fuck. It is currently 5:30 PM and i am turning , for the square boxes , the lames , the less than humaine turning is more than just drinking, turning is more than just getting drunk.

The world turns on its axis, therefore turning is being one with the world.

Planets in the universe turn on an axis therefore turning is being one with the universe.

Get in touch with your inner world,your inner universe.

Life is for living, while shooting scenes in your film, take time to turn.

Vice Season: A Primer

As the snow melts, the days grow longer and the women dress more revealing Vice Season is fast approaching.

The Summer Solstice is the official start of Vice Season. Yeah thats right the first day of summer, this should be treated as a ceremonial day, which means you should be as far away from sobrierty as possible. Set the bar high, The Opening Day of Vice Season should be filled with loud smoke , cool chicks and cold drinks.

Athough spring is the unofficial start, it is a great time to prepare your mind body & soul for hall of fame worthy nights and tylenol mornings.

The NFL Season is 16 Games

The NBA Season , 82 games

Vice Season is 90 Games , a short 3 months , therefore treat every single night like Game 7 of the Playoffs.

Championships are won in the off season that is why preparation is key and spring is a great time for last minute planning.

Flights should be booked, workouts doubled and cool out of town chicks should be notified you’ll be in their city or country.

Dont worry, your here at the film of LIFE which means your already ahead of the curve. In the coming weeks and months leading up to Vice Season your stand up author will give you plenty of gems and jewelry to make this season your most succesful yet.